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Peoples' Aman Committee


The Peoples' Aman Committee (Urdu: پیپلز امن کمیٹی‎) or Peoples' Peace Committee is a paramilitary group tied to the Pakistan People's Party and based in Karachi, Pakistan. The PAC was founded by the infamous Karachi gangster Rehman Dakait in 2008 and is accused of being involved in organized crime and gang wars.[1][2] After Rehman's death in 2009, leadership of the group was taken over by Uzair Baloch.[3]
The PAC is avowedly a support group for the Pakistan Peoples Party, the current ruling party in Pakistan.[4][5][6]
The organization initially only served Lyari, but soon offices were set up in other Baloch populated neighbourhoods of Karachi, such as Dalmiya (Shantinagar), Malir, Gadap, Old Golimar, Mawach Goth, and even in some nearby town and villages in Sindh and Balochistan.
The PAC has a bitter rivalry with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in the city of Karachi.[2][7] In March 2011, the PAC agreed to disband after its parent organization the Pakistan Peoples Party was pressured by its then allies, the MQM.[8] Despite being officially defunct, the organization continues to function de facto on the ground.[2][9]

Peoples Aman Committee Banned

The notification issued on October 11, 2011 banned Peoples' Aman Committee under Clause (11/B) of Anti-terrorism Act 1997.[10]
Sindh Home Ministry, after putting ban on People’s Aman Committee (PAC), has finally issued its notification. Also, the ministry in its order has directed the law enforcement agencies to monitor activities of the committee.[11]
According to home ministry-issued notification, the PAC has been declared defunct outfit, outlawing establishment of its offices and restricting its activities anywhere in the province.
Meanwhile, the order has also directed security agencies to keep stern eye over the activities of committee.
Sardar Uzair Baloch Election winner of Lyari Karachi
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