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Burns Road Karachi

Burns Road, is a street in old downtown Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Because of different vowels in the Urdu language, it is generally referred to as "Buns Road" by locals.

Name origin

It was named after Dr. James Burnes, a physician who treated the Amirs of Sindh in 1820s.






Burns Road is famous for its traditional food offerings such as Biryani and Karahi, Dhaga Kabab, Fry Kabab, Nihari, Haleem and fried finger fish. More specialties including Kheer, Rabri, Ras Malai, Ras Gulay, Lassi and Dahi Bara. There are a couple of Halwa Puri stalls too which serve Halwa Puri for breakfast.
The famous Lassi shops have been around since post partition period and also serve Milk with dry fruits. They also have Mango Shake (Aam Ki Botal) and Mango ice-cream during Mango season and Gajar Carrot Ka Halwa in winter. They usually open 6 or 7 am and stay open till 2 am midnight and later on weekends.
Burns Road also boasts of two well known sweets shops, Fresco and Bhashanis; that is a great boon for Desi sweets lovers.


In popular culture

  • A tele-film Burns Road ki Nilofar was produced in 2008 for ARY Digital that later won the best feature play in 7th Kara International Film Festival.
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