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Fifty Fifty

Fifty Fifty (Urdu script: ففٹی ففٹی) is a popular Pakistan television series which was aired on the national television PTV during the early 1980s, based loosely on US comedy show Saturday Night Live.[1] The programme was a sketch comedy considered by many critics as one of the best television shows to be produced in Pakistan. Along with pop singer Nazia Hassan, Fifty Fifty was one of the pop-culture phenomena of the 1980s in South Asia.
The content of the show inclues satire and parody, with some slapstick comedy. It is widely considered to be a trendsetter in its genre, with its content being ethnically balanced and written to respect all Pakistani communities. Although certain ethnic groups were sometimes mocked, in a similar way to prudes or redneck stereotypes in American comedy, it was presented as empathizing the evils in a community, which could be eradicated.[clarification needed]
Regulars on the show included Ismail Tara, Zeba Shehnaz and Majid Jehangir. Some golden-era songs of Naheed Akhtar and Ghulam Ali were also featured on the show. It was produced and directed by acclaimed Pakistani director Shoaib Mansoor.
Fifty Fifty and Alif Noon are two prominent comedy series in the history of Pakistan Television. Their writers were regarded as being dedicated to creativity and patriotic values. Many critics agree that it took years for viewers to understand the hidden message behind these serials[clarification needed] and that is why they are still the best wanted comedy serials till now.


Awards and nominations

  • Won - Special Appreciation Award (2005).[2]
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