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Muhammad Ilyas Qadri

Muhammad Ilyas Qadri (Urdu: محمد الياس عطار قادرى) is a Pakistan born religious leader and founder in 1980 of Dawat-e-Islami,[1] a Barelvi Muslim religious organization in Pakistan.


Muhammad Ilyas Qadri was born on the 26th of Ramadan, 1369 A.H. (1950 CE) in Karachi, Pakistan. His forefathers lived in the village of Kutyanah in Junagarh, India, and his parents migrated to Pakistan, after independence. They initially lived in Hyderabad, Bab-ul-Islam Sindh, Pakistan but later moved to Babul-Madinah Karachi.[citation needed]
Muhammad Ilyas Qadri studied with a number of religious scholars including the Grand Mufti of Pakistan,[citation needed] Shaykh Mufti Waqar-ud-Din Qadiri Razavi. Qadri spent about twenty two years under the aegis of the Grand Shaykh and was appointed his khalifah (spiritual successor).[citation needed]
Prior to his assingation as first amir of DI by Shah Ahmad Nurani, Qadri served as the president of the Punjab brach of Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Pakistan's (JUP) youth wing, Anjuman Tulaba-e-Islam.[2]

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