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Safari Park

Karachi Safari Park (Urduکراچی سفاری باغ‎), opened in 1970, is a public funded 'family-only' safari park covering an area of 407 acres (1.65 km2), located in Gulshan-e-IqbalKarachiSindhPakistan. It has a zoo, geared with viewing facilities like chairlifts and safari tracks, as well as two natural lakes. The park also features a private funded amusement park, Go Aish, in its vicinity.


Karachi Safari Park was inaugurated in 1970 by Lieutenant General Atiq-ur-Rehman. It was an independent project of the then Karachi Municipal Corporation. The creation of an independent zoo, safari and aquarium department followed in 1995. Karachi Safari Park is now an independent wing of the Community Development Department of City District Government of Karachi and has been designated as a 'family park'.


Future projects 

  • Aviary: In June 2012, administrator of KMC, Muhammad Hussain Syed, told The Nation that the country's biggest aviary was being constructed speedily inside the safari park.[3]
  • Boating: In September 2012, it was announced that pedalo boating will be introduced in the lake.[4]
  • Camping site: A 300 acres of scouting land and camping area was also reported to be under development in October 2012.[5]
  • Elephant enclave: An enclave of about 65,000 square feet that would include a bathing space and resting area for the elephants was reported to be in construction.[6]
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