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Aangan Terha

Aangan Terha was a satirical Pakistani television serial presented by the PTV network in the late 1980s. The show starred Salim Nasir, Shakeel, Arshad Mehmood, Durdana Butt and Bushra Ansari in lead roles, was directed by Qaiser Farooq and written by Anwar Maqsood.


The Drama is based on many stories on multiple issues of the society and indirect criticism on the Martial LAW and the electoral system. Many Major Pakistani stars and artists played guest roles including the great comedians like Lehri, Late Moin Akhtar and Mehmood Ali. The twist occurs when the writer Anwar Maqsood appears near the end of the serial to inform the characters that the serial is about to end.

Lead characters

  • Mehboob Ahmed, a retired civil servant, played by Shakeel
  • Jehan Ara Begum, Mehboob Ahmed's wife, played by Bushra Ansari
  • Akbar, played by Salim Nasir, domestic help of Mehboob Ahmed and Jehan Ara Begum, previously a classical dancer
  • Chaudhry Sahib, Mehboob Ahmed's neighbor, played by Arshad Mehmood
  • Sultana Sahiba, Chaudhry Sahib's sister, played by Durdana Butt

Guest appearances

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