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Alkhidmat orphans program

VISION: Transforming the abandoned orphan children into an asset of the society and humanity at large.
5,169 Currently Alkhidmat support 5,169 orphans through its Orphans Family Support program.  
Alkhidmat run six (06) AGHOSH Homes with three New AGHOSH in Mansehra, Peshawar, Rawalakot and Bagh.  
Aghosh Centers:
Alkhidmat has also been building orphanages for children. Currently, Alkhidmat Aghosh Attock hosts 215 while Alkhidmat Aghosh Rawalakot, Bagh Kashmir hosts 50 orphan children. The Aghosh centers have adjoined schools for these children. Moreover Alkhidmat Aghosh has a playground, computer lab, sports ground, and indoor games facilities. Alkhidmat also arranged educational tour and psychological rehabilitation lectures for these children. Alkhidmat provides a congenial environment for residence, food, education, and mental and psychological growth of these children.
550 Orphans were get benefited from Alkhidmat Aghosh Attock, Aghosh Rawalakot, Aghosh Peshawar, Aghosh Mansehra, Aghosh Rawalpindi and  Aghosh Bagh. Aghosh Murree is also under-construction; it will host 400 orphan children. Note that Alkhidmat also intends to build Aghosh centers in Badin, Gujranwala, Mansehra, and Karachi. 
Orphan Family Support:
The purpose of Orphan Support Program is to provide support to the children who lost either one or both of their parents, and hence a vital source of support. Currently the Orphan Care Program is successfully run in all provinces of Pakistan including Azad Jamu Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, and FATA. Rs. 324 million have been disbursed through 31 clusters, which are assisting 5,169 children. Each cluster is administrated by an in-charge who, along with local community looks after the needs of the children. Alkhidmat Foundation intends to add another 1,500 orphan children to the pool.

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