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Kati Pahari

Kati Pahari has emerge as a famous area of Karachi City. Ex-Mayor of Karachi Syed Mustafa Kamal cut this Mountain range for connecting Orangi Town, Qasba Colony to North Nazimabad Town for daily trade of City. Backside of Mountain has Qasba, Orangi and Site areas and mostly Factories and mills are their. So Syed Mustafa Kamal make it easily for industrialist to transport their goods to market easily.
But cutting Mountain now causing fights in Karachi. It is totally anarchy in city. Some think tanks believes that cutting mountain range has a very big story behind it. They believe that behind this foreign agencies are involved. They know very well that Muhajir and Pakhtoon are arch-rival since creation of Islamic Republic Of Pakistan. The range starts from Sarjani which is in Northern Part of city to the Banaras which is in Southern parts.Backside of Mountain contains Pakhtoons and front side is Muhajirs majority.So before cutting ceremony of this mountain between middle both arch-Rivals was facing problem in fights so enemies of Islam and Pakistan planned to cut this.
Kati Pahari to make great battle between Pakhtoon-Muhajirs and to demolish economy of Karachi and also Pakistan because Karachi is economic hub of country.Now security and Intelligence agencies of Pakistan comes into action and now they are arresting foreign agents from this parts which was living in a masks of Pakhtoons and Afghanis but in fact they are foreign agents and they are not Muslims. Pakistan Agencies calling them Talibans to make fool world and also cleaning the city from these dangerous worms if they called them US agents or foreign agents than its a huge chance that US 'll pressurize Pakistan government to release their agents like Raymond Allen Davis.
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