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Shahnawaz Farooqui

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Shahnawaz Farooqui (in Urdu شاہ نواز فاروقی )is a Pakistani journalist and commentator


Farooqui was born in Karachi in 1964. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication, First Class Second Position, from the University of Karachi in 1986. He received a Master's degree in Mass Communication, First Class First Position in 1988.
Farooqui started his professional career by writing stories for children in the monthly Aankh Micholi, which he contributed to for three and a half years. Initially his writings, popular among children and teenagers, were humorous in nature. Farooqui was then invited by Mir Shakil-ur-Rehman, the head of the Jang Group and Geo TV, to be a columnist for Daily Jang Karachi. Farooqui demanded freedom of expression in his columns, which Jang refused to ensure, thus he rejected the job offer.
Currently Farooqui is working for an Urdu daily newspaper Jasarat (in Urdu روزنامہ جسارت ) and hosts a TV program "Makalma" for Roshni TV. He also lectures on television and at universities. He is member of advisory boards of many Pakistani periodicals and magazines.

Areas of interest

Farooqui's areas of interest include English and Urdu literature, poetry, political science, religion, and the West. He also writes poetry suffused with anguish at the spectacle of the struggling Muslim tradition in the face of the end of times.
An admirer of Allama Iqbal, Maududi, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, he is a strong opponent of the ideology of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.


A collection of his articles has been published with the name of Kaghaz Kay Sipahi (Urdu کاغذ کے سپاہی), The Paper Soldiers


  • Kaghaz Kay Sipahi
  • Akabir-e-Sahafat.[1]
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