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Captain Muhammad Sarwar Shaeed

Raja Muhammad Sarwar Khan Bhati (1910–27 July 1948) (Urdu: محمد سرور‎) was a captain in the newly formed Pakistani Army. He was born in Singhori village, Tehsil Gujar Khan, District of Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan as Muhammad Sarwar[1] He was commissioned in 1944 and assigned to the Punjab Regiment. In 1947, he volunteered to take part in the battalion organised by the Pakistani Army wit the purpose of retaking the Kashmir. His regiment managed to outflank the disorganized Indian troops and forced them to retreat out of the regions which are now known as the Northern Areas in one of the battles of the First Kashmir War.
During the Kashmir Operations, as Company Commander[citation needed] of the 2nd Battalion of the Punjab Regiment, Captain Sarwar launched an attack causing heavy casualties against a strongly fortified enemy position located in the Uri Sector. His battalion was subject to under heavy machine gun, grenade, and mortar fire. On 27 July 1948, as he moved forward with six of his men to cut their way through a barbed wire barrier, he died when he was shot in the chest with heavy machine gun fire.
In recognition for his valor, Sarwar was postmumously awarded the Nishan-E-Haider, Pakistan's highest military decoration.[2][3]
In addition Sarwar Shaheed College was named after his honor.
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